About Safe-T-Hand

Safe-T-Hand's Story so far...

A child is never too young to begin learning and practising road safety skills.

Many parents encourage their child to put their hand on the car when waiting - I did it too when my eldest daughter was just two years old (she's now 19), but it wasn't long before she got bored or distracted and I had nothing to keep her there...

I came up with an idea to put paper butterfly stickers on the car. This distracted my daughter while I emptied my arms of shopping, got out my keys or locked doors.

She didn't move out in front of cars, and with supervision and communication from me - the butterflies kept her right where I needed her to wait.

We'd talk about their colours, how many there were and most importantly - WHY I needed her to wait close to our car. But years later when I removed the stickers, I found they'd removed my cars' paint!

In 2010, with TWO toddlers close in age, I needed my 'trick' again.

My youngest thought it a game to run down the driveway and onto the road because I always ran after her.

We had plenty of stickers but obviously I didn't want to damage the paint on our car...

A fortunate meeting with a friend that year was the INSPIRATION I needed.

She'd 'wrapped' her car with advertising for her business. Car wraps are a vehicle specific vinyl decal material, designed to be removed WITHOUT causing damage and they PRESERVE the car underneath!


"My daughter loves her Safe-T-Hand and no longer runs anywhere NEAR a car or road"

The original idea was to stop my toddler from getting hit by a car, then to make it interesting, relevant and fun whilst keeping her in the one spot. But I soon realised - 'This product really works, I can help other parents!'

I launched Safe-T-Hand car decals in the original four designs in 2011. Then launched these and a further three new designs as car magnets the following year.

We delved into Fundraising in late 2014, where we realised our products needed 'tweaking' - ​Safe-T-Hand Mini car magnets were launched in 2015 - offering 50% profits.

Over the past six years, Safe-T-Hand's aspirations have evolved.

In addition to offering the best selection of designs and materials, and a goal to be the company which provides the absolute best service online - Safe-T-Hand holds this vision:

  • For Safe-T-Hand products to be the natural step; from walking to pedestrian safety.
  • For families to associate Safe-T-Hand with childhood road safety.
  • To remain 100% Australian Owned and Made.
  • For families to access Safe-T-Hand's products.
  • To focus on ensuring Safe-T-Hand products are delivered to our customers as quickly as possible.

THEN, beginning in early 2017...

Safe-T-Hand has changed its structure to specialise as offering Fundraising products only. We believe this to be an exciting change which will benefit Australian families.