Hello Belgrade Preschool!

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This Safe-T-Hand Mini fundraiser is being run online (here) and offline (see Belgrade Preschool Administration for more Order Forms).

There are six unique Safe-T-Hand Mini car magnet designs to choose from, intended to claim a child’s attention and help parents & educators teach road safety. You can choose to create your own one-off Custom Design too, of which a minimum of 25 total orders is required. There are no minimum orders required from the six designs and you CAN combine orders to make up the 25.

ANY design will provide a $7.50 PROFIT for Belgrade Preschool.

Your exclusive code: STHBPK1 (in CAPITALS). Please remember to add this in your cart’s Coupon Code area when ordering/paying online. This ensures online orders are linked with offline orders and you receive FREE POSTAGE.

*Please return offline orders to Belgrade Preschool Administration by: Friday 16th September.

Please download and print extra forms, flyers and posters as you need – promote as much as you can because more orders equals more funds raised for your preschool!

6 Safe-T-Hand Mini car magnet designs - click on image to order online

Personalised Mini-REGO decals - 3cm x 1cm $2.00 each

Custom Design Safe-T-Hand Mini car magnets - Order offline - One design

Please download & print the Custom Design template and return with your offline order form to Belgrade Preschool Administration.

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