Monsters in Green Goo {Original car magnet}


Monsters in Green Goo {Original car magnet}

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Safe-T-Hands are created using high quality, vehicle specific materials. They’re a cute shape featuring a white hand print in the middle. Surrounding the hand print are various designs to choose from – your child will WANT to learn Road Safety Around Cars!

Our Most POPULAR design – it’s funny, colourful and a little EeewwwwwwwW.

Playful little MONSTERS floating in yucky, gooey, green goo… Can you spy ‘Vamps’ who need to brush his teeth? Or count the ‘Loopy’ monsters hanging upside down?

Each Safe-T-Hand magnet comes in a clear plastic sleeve with instructions.

** DISCLAIMER: A Safe-T-Hand does NOT replace Adult Supervision**

Go to our ‘Activity Page‘ for FREE colouring in sheets of ALL Safe-T-Hand designs!

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Conveniently sized at 22cm x 16.5cm, car magnets fit into the glove box, handbag or door pocket to go with you anywhere.

BEFORE USE: ALWAYS clean your car’s surface of dust, dirt, water, etc. This reduces air bubbles which prevent the Safe-T-Hand magnet from staying on and any chance of dirt scratching you car’s paint under the magnet. Ensure your magnet is clean too before application. Use a mild detergent to clean and a soft cloth to dry both is needed. Always apply your Safe-T-Hand magnet to a flat metallic surface.

All Safe-T-Hand car magnets are 100% Australian made and owned; 8mm high intensity outdoor grade material; vehicle specific, UV fade-resistant inks, minimum 5 year outdoor life rating, waterproof, weatherproof, easy to apply, WON’T damage your car, removable, 1mm laminate coating for weather and scratch protection, with the added option of personalising with a Mini-Rego decal.