Numbers {Original car magnet}


Numbers {Original car magnet}

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Safe-T-Hands are created using high quality, vehicle specific materials. They’re a cute shape featuring a white hand print in the middle. Surrounding the hand print are various designs to choose from – your child will WANT to learn Road Safety Around Cars!

A bright and colourful way to learn NUMBERS while waiting by the car!

  • PLUS a clever way to remember your phone number
  • Read one colour a day
  • Find how many number 5s there are (or your age)…

Each Safe-T-Hand magnet comes in a clear plastic sleeve with instructions.

** DISCLAIMER: A Safe-T-Hand does NOT replace Adult Supervision**

Go to our ‘Activity Page‘ for FREE colouring in sheets of ALL Safe-T-Hand designs!

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Conveniently sized at 22cm x 16.5cm, car magnets fit into the glove box, handbag or door pocket to go with you anywhere.

BEFORE USE: ALWAYS clean your car’s surface of dust, dirt, water, etc. This reduces air bubbles which prevent the Safe-T-Hand magnet from staying on and any chance of dirt scratching you car’s paint under the magnet. Ensure your magnet is clean too before application. Use a mild detergent to clean and a soft cloth to dry both is needed. Always apply your Safe-T-Hand magnet to a flat metallic surface.

All Safe-T-Hand car magnets are 100% Australian made and owned; 8mm high intensity outdoor grade material; vehicle specific, UV fade-resistant inks, minimum 5 year outdoor life rating, waterproof, weatherproof, easy to apply, WON’T damage your car, removable, 1mm laminate coating for weather and scratch protection, with the added option of personalising with a Mini-Rego decal.