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​"I love it, we both do."

"Saxon has been doin the safety t hand thing for a long while, now I can actually give him somewhere to put his hand on . I love it, we both do. Thanku heaps.".

- K. Twist.

​"just wanted to let you know how happy we are"

"Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our Monster in Green Goo magnetic Safe-T-Hand. As I drive a people mover with sliding doors I put the hand on the front passenger door and my son waits for me to open the sliding door. I then remove the Safe-T-Hand and put it in my handbag in its case. I would recommend your product to any parent and also to special needs parents and carers’ as it is a fantastic way to teach a child routine and rules around cars".

- Karen (Tuggerah, NSW).​

​"She loves it..."

"Lorelai using her Safe-T-Hand for the first time. She loves it, plus I love how it keeps her safe while I'm getting her baby brother out of his seat".

- J. Jervis.

​"[he] puts his hand on it, even when we're in a different car"

I have found my safety hand sticker to be the best idea, Brock automatically gets out and puts his hand on it, even when we are in a different car he automatically puts his hand on the car... He really enjoys the pictures on it as well... I would recommend a safety hand on any car with children in them.

- K. McMaster (Lurnea, NSW)

​"more focused ... on the sticker than anything else"

"Safety hands are amazing for my son, he has a very short attention span and tends not to listen to me when around cars and I had ended up holding him with white knuckles around cars. After getting to know Jo and her amazing Safe-T-Hands Harry now is more focused on getting his hand on the sticker than anything else when he's near the car, to the point that if I pop out the front to grab the mail Harry stands next to our car in the driveway with his hand on the sticker rather than get the mail!! He is always telling my friends who get into our car that he has a hand car on his door ... Thanks Jo, great product".

- Rachel (Howlong, NSW).

"I yelled - then held my breath..."

Today my 4 year old shook his hand free from mine and ran to get in the car - parked on the side of a busy street. I yelled and then held my breath as a car drove by. Only to find him standing beside the car with his 'hand on the hand'. Thanks Safe-T-Hand.

- Lee B.​

​"...look Mummy it's my hand!..."

"My 2 yr old daughter LOVES her Safe-T-Hand ... Before getting in the car she likes to put her hand over the safe-t-hand and tells me 'look mummy its my hand, I made this' very cute! She always insists on getting out of the car on the side where the hand is ... a great aide to help teach and encourage her to practice road safety ... and getting out of the car on the gutter side not the road side. I often look after my sisters 3 kids ... (... ranging in ages from 2 to 6) safe-t-hand has been a blessing keeping them occupied while I'm getting things organised. The kids love Ava's safe-t-hand so much I bought 2 ... and got the matching rego stickers with their names on them. Going out ... that short period of time getting in and out of the car has been made so much easier with the help of safe-t-hand and I cant stop raving to anyone who will listen about how well it engages the kids and takes some of the stress out of getting out of the house, thanks Safe-T-Mum for creating such a simple and effective tool to help educate and protect our kids!"

- ​Bec (Wodonga, VIC).

​"Gorgeous eye catching print."

"Wonderful product great concept cant wait to use it! Gorgeous eye catching print".

- S. Brooking.

​"...all my kids use them..."

I have to tell you that my youngest ( Elijah who will be 2 in July) loves the car safety sticker, actually all my kids do but him in particular cause lately I've let him out of the car when we get home to walk in the gate by himself but he won't go straight to the gate until he has .. put his hand on the sticker ( I have one on the curb side only for safety reason ..) but thought it was cute that he understands 😉 all my kids use them when at the shops getting everyone out of the car 😉

- ​Lauren (Cambridge Park, NSW)